Carcharger USB, USB-C with safetyhammer

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1. Multiple charging interfaces can support the charging of three smart electronic devices at the same time. And is compatible with mainstream cars and trucks on the market. 

2. Type C interface, in addition to ordinary fast charging function, can also be customized PD (power deliver) full protocol fast charging scheme,which output is DC3.6-5V/3.4A, 6-12V 2.5A. 

3. Material: 100% aluminum alloy shell + tungsten steel head hammer. Broken window lifesaving weapon can be used as a safety hammer at a emergency hours. 

4. Pencil shape case, portable, compact design. Easy to carry out, with human aesthetic engineering design. 

5. Over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit protection; intelligent identification of charging equipment, providing matching charging current; synchronous rectification and line loss compensation, up to 94% power conversion efficiency. Provides fast charging while providing safety protection for the user's driving journey; shock spring design to avoid contact failure due to car body vibration. 

6. Built-in LED indicator, easy to find USB port charge at night. 

7. With LED display screen, the input voltage, output voltage, and output current are displayed in turn when device is charged. 

8. CE and FCC certification, applicable to European market standards.




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Carcharger USB, USB-C with safetyhammer

Carcharger USB, USB-C with safetyhammer