Automatic Opener, Electric Automatic Swing Door Opener

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Yderligere information

This product is a miniature automatic translation door opener, procurement of microcomputer intelligent control system, automatic opening and closing doors and windows, used the aluminium alloy material, beautiful appearance, compact size, easy installation, simple operation, widely used, suitable for all kinds of home, office and so on. No need the decoration company, as long as there are positions above the sliding doors and windows, the door opener can be easily installed. Only the corresponding wireless remote control switch is affixed to the corresponding position inside and outside the wall. When the switch is lightly touched, the door and window will automatically open; Or install a body-sensing probe. When the human body enters the sensing area, the doors and windows will automatically open for you, and you can also set the door opening dwell time to facilitate hand-carrying items. When the set time is reached, the doors and windows will be automatically closed. Liberate hands to eliminate manual push-pull open operations, which is simple and convenient.

Product technical specification:

1. Power supply: 110-240V

2. Maximum load capacity: 60KG

3 Standard opening width: maximum 10m

4. Matching track length: 1m

5. Color: White 

6. Track length: 0.5m/bar

7. Product weight: 3.0Kg

8. Product size: 512*72*69mm

Packing includes:

1. Automatic door opener*1

2. Wall-mounted wireless remote control switch*2

3. Rack *2

3. Power adapter*1

4. User manual *1

5. With fixing screw




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Automatic Opener, Electric Automatic Swing Door Opener

Automatic Opener, Electric Automatic Swing Door Opener