Keyless signal / Car key shielding / scanning RFID bag

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Product Description:

Radiation protection, No signal, Anti-demagnetization

1 Carrying a mobile phone, radiation at the wavelength of radiation harm the human body;

2 There is protection to carry, which can effectively reduce radiation and protect health;

3 When you do not want to answer the phone, put it into the inner bag is fine, then it will say "the call can not be connected ..."

4 ID card, bank card and other IC magnetic card, put them into the inner bag, it can prevent degaussing and information leakage.

This product is made of nano materials.Outside is a high-quality leather  material, which is made of special nano-material metal mesh

Technical parameters: Attenuation strength 90dB and function efficiency:99.99%

Suitable for Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, Meizu, Cool and so on mobile phones. Can also be used for GPS, digital cameras, mobile hard drives and other electronic products(Should be reference the bag size first).

100% guaranteed to be absolutely valid, but please be sure to put it right! There are two layers, put the inside layer is to shield the signal, the phone can not be connected; the outer layer only reduces radiation, does not effect the mobile phones using.


Size: Open:L20*W10(cm),Close:W13.5*10(cm)


Material:PU+Ion Silver Radiation Protection Material


Package include:

Signal blocker pouch x 1


  1 Special double design, the front pocket reduces the amount of radiation, and the back pocket completely shields the signal.

  2, Rapid response, reliable function, the phone into the bag for 30 seconds to play a role in shielding electromagnetic signals.

  3, The use of a wide range of applications for a variety of GSM, CDMA, PHS and other mobile phones.

  4, Easy to operate, easy to use, as long as the various mobile phone antenna into the bag to ease the bag to use.

  5, There is no harm for human body and the mobile phone, 

when you do not need to use it, remove the phone from the bag, after 30 seconds to restore the mobile function.

  6, Such as pregnant women, children, patients use (mobile phone into the bag) can be isolated from electromagnetic radiation on the body.


The bag can not be over-washed, in order to not damage the nano-coating, affecting the effect of use.

When using the reject call function, the pocket of the bag must be tightly closed, otherwise it will affect the use effect.


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Keyless signal / Car key shielding / scanning RFID bag

Keyless signal / Car key shielding / scanning RFID bag