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Sleep Mask Headphone Headband - Dark grey

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Sleep Mask Headphone Headband - Sleep Headphones, Ultra Thin Earphone as Hair Bands and Headband Soft Blinder Exclude Some Noise for Sleep, Air travel, Yoga, Running
FLEXIBLE ADJUSTMENT - Each side of the headphone line has 10 inch length to adjust without worrying about the condition of the headset in item. The headband can be pulled down over your eyes as a sleep mask whilst you listen to soothing tunes, bin-aural beats, a podcast or e-book. Easy Care - the speakers are removable allowing you to machine wash the headband.
AN EARPHONE CORD LONG ENOUGH - 35.5 inch allows you to Sleep, Air travel, Yoga, and Run smoothly without affecting normal activity. Drift away while blocking sounds that keep you awake or relax in peace. Contour shape dips below the ears can provide the ulimate in comfort and relaxation.
LIGHT SOFT MATERIAL - Let you feel comfortable during use. Great use when reading, listening and running. Also good for sleep, sports, yoga, air travel, meditation and relaxation. Also idea for children, college students, dorm life, noisy roommates and snoring spouses. Can be used as a sleep mask when pulled down over the eyes.
HIGH COMPATIBILITY - Suitable for most MP3 or MP4, as well as most mobile phones. With durable 10 inch headphone line and stereo plug. Fit all devices like Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Nokia, Google Nexus, Lenovo, Sony, and other audio devices.
SIZE - The width of the sleep headphone is in the range between 9.5 and 11 inch. The ultra thin 4 mm flat headphone speakers are comfortable to wear laying down or sleeping on your side. Contour shape dips below the ears can provide the ulimate in comfort and relaxation.

This is a comfortable introduced creative headset products. The design is novel, unique and integrates many functions into one. The shading of the Sleep Headphone is sleeping with the eye to prevent light and sound insulation noise proof ear Anti Snoring, but also accompanied by sleep promoting music easily, while you sleep can also listen to wonderful music to relieve the fatigue of your day to prevent insomnia, improve sleep quality. It is this unique sleep headphone. The detachable design also solves the problem of cleaning after use, as well as a rare gift of creative fashion.


The sleep mask is make of thin fleece material and compressive on pressure, which is soft breathable comfy. Will not hurt your ears like earbuds or other bulky earphone headbands.

Material: polar fleece
Color: Dark grey
Min Width: 9.5 inch
Max Width: 11 inch
Length of Headphone: 45.5 inch (10 inch of adjustable Headset Wire and 35.5 Headphone Line)


Lightweight, comfortable and washable sleep headphone with adjustable speakers will give you the perfect fit. The sleep earphones are the perfect aid for sleeping, battling insomnia and noise.

Blinder function: Let you more stable sleep, avoid being awakened by strong light.
Help sleep: Comfortable music headband, to solve the problem of ordinary headphone harsh.
Earphone function: Built-in earphone, enjoy music, to avoid earphone damage to the ears.
Compatibility: Compatible with all 3.5-pin devices.

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Sleep Mask Headphone Headband - Dark grey

Sleep Mask Headphone Headband - Dark grey