Smart Cooling Cup with Color Lamp

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Yderligere information

  • One minute rapid cooling: The cooling cup adopts the physical cooling principle. When you pour hot water into the cup, shake it for a minute to cool it down.
  • New interactive experience with touch surface cover - LCD touch screen with water temperature prompt: Touch the LCD screen of the lid lightly - the water temperature will be displayed on the lid screen, and the color light of the water temperature will be lit simultaneously.
  • High sensitivity temperature sensor: Temperature sensitivity accurate to ±1% and you can see the water temperature in the cup easy and quickly. Before getting the temperature, the cup body has to be inverted or shaken up and down, so that the temperature measurement is more accurate.
  • Voice reminders to develop good drinking habits: After the drinking water the reminder function is turned on and the water cup will sent out a "drop" sound at an interval of 2 hours, reminding the user to drink water.
  • Magnetic suction charging: Built-in 220 mAh polymer battery, one hour charging gives a battery life of 30 days. Based on 10 hours of daily use, drink water once per hour on average, the full power smart cooling cup can be uses 10-15 days.

Fast cooling
Temperature indicator
Alarm clock reminder
Indicates expiration of water
Anti-scalding cup body
304 stainless steel
Long-time thermal insulation
Color: Black
Weight: 440g
Size: 220 ml


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Smart Cooling Cup with Color Lamp

Smart Cooling Cup with Color Lamp