Hydrogen-Rich water cup

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Hydration Tracker Smart Bottle 480ml

Hydration Tracker & Customization: with Bluetooth technology & user-friendly IOS/Android App & built-in buzzer, this smart bottle can help you build a healthy water drinking schedule.
Portable Water Ionizer (Molecular Hydrogen generator): with latest technology in water ionization, this bottle keeps the pH level the same as the source water and makes water full of antioxidants (“beauty water”) wherever you go.
Built-in Water Purity (TDS) & Volume (ml) & Temperature (°C) detection: HD OLED indicator and sensitive touch screen make display and operation clear and simple.
Premium Quality Materials: high-borate borosilicate glass body and stainless steel base/lid make this bottle bacteria-resistant and scratch-resistant.
High-Capacity Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery: every charge lasts for up to 30 times of electrolysis.

Product description
What is Hydrogen-rich water and why should you drink it?

Hydrogen-rich water, with a surplus of hydrogen gas from electrolyzing the regular H2O, has been a new trend in health living after a study in Japan in 2011 shows usage of hydrogen-rich water resulted in significant improvement in wrinkles and collagen production.


Hydrogen-rich water can:

• Reduce Free Radicals, Boost Metabolism

• Help in Weight Loss, Improve Skin Health

• Prevent Brain Damage, Relieve Mood Disorders

• Suppress Inflammation, Reduce Muscle Fatigue


-Smart and Portable: with Bluetooth technology and IOS/Android APP, can customize a scientific drinking plan based on your personal data. It also records your water intake, and reminds you to drink timely

-Water Quality Control: With Water Purity(TDS), Volume(ml) and Temperature(°C) detection in the OLED display, you can easily use touch screen to monitor the quality of water

-Modern Design: The sleek body design makes it a perfect gift for family, friends and the loved one. Stay healthy and beautiful every moment

-Easy to Clean: can be detached into three parts, lid, bottle and base. No hassling for daily clean and maintenance


Read before Use

1. DO NOT soak the base in the water

2. First-Time Use: Wash the cup and lid, use the produced hydrogen-rich water to clean the cup

3. Recommend use water below 122°F/50°C

4. The cup will improve water quality, but won't change temperature


Box Contains

• 1x CUP • 1x USB charging cable • 1x User guide


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Hydrogen-Rich water cup

Hydrogen-Rich water cup